Tips for Tips

People do not tip. Is it because people are cheap? Ignorant? Can't do math? Or do they believe that the people serving them are below them, or are not worthy of a tip? In the United States, it is suggested that you tip your servers 20% of your bill. Servers are often responsible for assisting … Continue reading Tips for Tips

Von Stiehl: Satin Red

General Information Wine:  Satin Red Vintage:  Grape Content: Undisclosed/ Guess: Frontenac Price: $13.00 Recommended Pairing: Hard cheese/ fruit Winery:  Von Stiehl Location: Algoma, WI Acquired: Gift Kara's Scorecard Appearance:  2- Good, clear with the characteristic color. Comments: Dark purple, opaque. Aroma:  4 -Good characteristic aroma. Admirable bouquet.  Comments: Taste:  5 -Strong characteristic flavor. Excellent balance and body but not outstanding. … Continue reading Von Stiehl: Satin Red

Michael David Winery: Freakshow

General Information Wine:  FreakShow Cabernet Sauvignon Vintage: 2013 Grape Content: Cabernet Sauvignon Price: $20.00 Recommended Pairing: Dark chocolate Winery: Michael David Location: Lodi, CA Acquired: Gift Kara's Scorecard Appearance:  3 -Brilliant with a characteristic color. Comments: Remarkably dark, opaque, black Aroma:  4 -Good characteristic aroma. Admirable bouquet.  Comments: Fruity, earthy, cherry Taste:  6 -Wonderful characteristic flavor. Outstanding balance. Smooth, full-bodied. Comments: Very … Continue reading Michael David Winery: Freakshow