Much Wine

I have a dangerous habit of drinking wine. Not only do I find wine immensely delicious and relaxing, I also find it an advance in giving anyone a piece of my genius mind. As Einstein would say, I drink therefore I am the smartest person you will speak with today. You shall now be inclined to ask for my humblest opinion on what it is that you are drinking. Or something of that merit.

Yesterday I had quite a conundrum as I went about introducing my boyfriend to new wineries. I had in mind a specific amount of wine I wanted to purchase for my collection and near firm intention to stay within that limit. As most wine consumers know, after a few samples or glasses, not only do I freely open the wallet, I also do so gladly. I purchased double the amount of wine I intended.

Is there such a thing as too much wine? I find myself, as you may be wondering if this is a remorseful post about buyer’s guilt. Or could it be, perhaps, a great glory to be realized as I open the selections my drunk/ victim-of-too-many-samples has decided upon with my purchasing power?

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