65 Vines: Shuttle Buns

General Information

Wine: Shuttle Buns

Vintage: 2013

Grape Content: 100% Marechal Foch

Price: $20.00

Recommended Pairing: Blackberries, Salmon, Dark Chocolate.

Winery: 65 Vines

Location: Rogers, WI

Acquired: Gift

Kara’s Scorecard

Appearance:  2 -Good with clear characteristic color.

  • Comments: Ruby/Purple, Bright, Slight Reflect, Medium Body+ Translucence

Aroma:  -Pleasant/ Good. Characteristic.

  • Comments: Strong, Earthy, Fruity, Faint oak.

Taste: -Smooth, characteristic of the variety. May have minor imperfections.

  • Comments: Lighter than anticipated, spicy.

Aftertaste:  3 -Excellent. Lingering outstanding.

  • Comments: Aftertaste is pleasant.

Overall Impression: 1 -Good.

  • Comments: Plum flavors, drier than anticipated.

Total Score:  14 – Good.

  • Comments: What I liked most about this wine was its strong bouquet, long lasting aftertaste with purple-like color and slight translucence. I found the taste to be lighter and brighter than anticipated. Oak hints felt natural. What I disliked, imperfections in taste and how the flavors relate to each other. Balance could be improved.


Ross’ Scorecard

Appearance: 3 – Brilliant with a characteristic color.

  • Comments: Fairly dark, deep purple. Good clarity.

Aroma: 3 – Pleasant bouquet.

  • Comments: Boozy, hint of oak, fruit is less forward.

Taste: 5- Strong flavor. Excellent balance and body but not outstanding. 

  • Comments: Fruit is prominent on the palate. Dark flavors, cherry, bright.

Aftertaste: 2- Pleasant aftertaste.

  • Comments: Acid lingers on the palate. Good overall.

Overall Impression: 1- Good.

  • Comments: Not much for aroma. Tastes young.

Total Score: 14- Good.

  • Discussion: Ross and I debated what type of grapes were in this wine- (as we did not know it at the time of the tasting). We were puzzled at the complexity and enjoyed the unique flavors. I later wrote to the winemaker for a disclosure and he openly disclosed the varietal and welcomed us to his winery during open season. From the website, I gather that they are a family-run business, which I love to support.


To find out more about 65 Vines and try their wines for yourself, please visit their website here!

To have your wine featured on this blog, write to me here. 🙂 



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