The Next Winery

I have accepted a position at another local winery after receiving news that my current winery residency will be ending at the end of the month. My current coworkers and I have known about the retail closing since December but we did not have a definitive date. In the previous months, I have experienced a mix of emotions from depression, missing the idea of working behind the bar and seeing regular patrons, to elation, at having weekend time back to myself. For those who work serving positions or multiple jobs, you understand that uninterrupted time off does not exist.

Fate had plans for me to continue working behind the bar.

I refer to working the wine tasting bar as “the best job”. Few places allow you to drink while working- a huge perk, to offering an employee discount on wine.  I find great joy in pouring wine for fellow wine drinkers.So to me, it does not feel like work.

I feel mostly happy about the new opportunity and extending my education in the wine industry. At this time, I do not have the luxury of turning down paid work!

To visit me at my new residency, please shoot me a message in the contact section! 🙂


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