Entwine: Cabernet

General Information

Wine: Cabernet Sauvignon

Vintage: 2013

Grape Content: Cabernet Sauvignon/ Undisclosed

Price: $12.99

Recommended Pairing: See menu pairing on website below.

Winery: Wente Vineyards

Location: Livermore, CA

Acquired: Gift

Kara’s Scorecard

Appearance:  -Brilliant with characteristic colour.

  • Comments: Dark, Purple, Heavy

Aroma:  -Excellent, strong characteristic aroma. Complex bouquet. Good balance.

  • Comments: Woodsy, jammy, cherry + raspberry

Taste:  5  -Strong characteristic flavor. Excellent balance and body but not outstanding.

  • Comments: Light, fruity, bold. Fruit prominent over earth flavors.

Aftertaste:  – Good pleasant aftertaste.

  • Comments: Aftertaste could be improved to linger.

Overall Impression: 1 -Good.

  • Comments: Surprisingly light on the tongue.

Total Score:  16 – Excellent.

  • Comments: What I liked most about this wine were its great color and heavy body. This wine has great potential to age well. I also felt that it was priced remarkably low for how accessible. This is a crowd pleaser. Great balance of fruit and earth tones.

To find out more about Entwine Wines, and try them for yourself, visit their website here.

To have your wine featured on this blog, write to me here. 🙂 

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