The Myth of Bad Wine

This past week was one of bad wine and mythical beasts. Since these two, I believe only exist in fables. It was a week of uncovering strange realities, the fact that blonde raccoons exist, not liking a certain wine to the point of not being able to drink it… the mutiny.

As someone who studies wine by drinking it, I’ve learned that appreciating wine means accepting a wine for what it is. That’s not an easy thing to practice as a consumer. I would dare to say that wine consumers are the most picky near impossible to please people. We want a delicious wine, not in the broad sense of the word,or by popular vote, but by our own personal definition. And if we are going to buy a bottle of wine, it’s because we like it- or hope we will like it!

As a winemaker and a wine seller, that is a great challenge: how to be successful in making a great product/finding the right wine for the person on the other side of the bar? The good news for all folks; wineries and their customers, there is no such thing as a bad wine. Whether wines are “good or bad” is completely subjective.

Tasting wine is a journey of self discovery. By drinking wine you don’t like, you learn more about what you do enjoy. You learn that labels are full of expectations, whether you are conscious of that. You learn that price tags are irrelevant. You learn that you’re not going to like every single wine and that’s perfectly OK.

Bad wines don’t exist, some mythical beasts might, and you might be surprised.

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