Everything to Your Door

I love wine, and I love venturing to find it. But what if I did not have to venture at all? What if I, merely had an assistant who matched me perfectly with wines that I might love and then shipped them to me in a box? Well, it’s not magic, this service exists, and it exists in the form of a subscription.

Can I ask- politely, what’s all the fuss about getting custom subscription packages?

These days you can get meals shipped to you,
makeup samples, and now…

wine ?

Yes, it’s true!

Scrolling through my feed, I find an ad for this company that offers to send you “matched” wines to try based on a personal “algorithm “. You take a short quiz and then you’re matched with wine! TA-DA! The comments on the ad seemed to all be very positive, receptive, eager to try- and incorporate into their own wine clubs.

For $60 a month, you are sent 4 different wines that are “customized” to your personal preferences. Sounds great- right? They send you multiple emails to really gain your business (how about another bottle for free? or a 1/2 off your first order!?)

Do a little bit more research and you find negative reviews indicating that said company is near impossible to unsubscribe from, with horrible customer service… yikes! Well, there’s hope for all those wine hermits as there’s not just one wine subscription service to put your money into. Or even said company if you’re not deterred by a few negative reviews.  Let me ask:

How do you even know they aren’t repackaging sublime swill under a fancy label and charging you an arm?

And if you don’t like the wine.. might as well pour your money down the drain, literally.

I can’t help but wonder if there’s something that is truly lost about all this.  Besides, the use of your legs, I mean. What’s lost is the experience at that winery, probably, local. That doesn’t see your face or your money. That memory you don’t make. Right?

What percentage of people after receiving a custom order of wine make it a point to venture out to find those wineries? Probably about the same percentage of subscription box meal customers that seek out the farm.

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