Losing Expectations

Whether planning a vacation, weekend , or date, the most challenging but necessary ditching of expectations is essential to getting the most out of any time spent away. I set an intention, plan an activity , and then observe myself getting upset when my expectations are not met.

Sunday was supposed to be leisurely, picture perfect autumn day, spent picnicking, enjoying the weather and festivities of a nearby small town. Reality started to (of course) rear its less than ideal head. We missed the festival, we drove around, trying to be spontaneous. We meandered in a bookstore (not yet to be entirely extinct).

My boyfriend loves to have a plan, and well, the day was certainly not going to plan. Neither was my daydream a lazy romantic Sunday spent in nature, sipping wine, having a picnic. I was beginning to wonder if we really should’ve just stayed home. We were disappointed, though trying desperately not to be.

We went home, our picnic ended up being inside, and we let the animals out to play in the sunshine. It wasn’t an awful date. Actually, looking back, we did a lot of what we wanted. Looking at books, exploring, spending time together, are a few of our favorite things to do.

Ditching those expectations is a lot easier said than done. Both my boyfriend and I need more practice on just letting life happen. In reality the weather doesn’t cooperate, you may have car trouble on your adventure, plans fall through, spontaneity might not come naturally ,etc. Let go, be present, reality is the greatest adventure.

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