Michael David Winery: Freakshow

General Information

Wine:  FreakShow Cabernet Sauvignon

Vintage: 2013

Grape Content: Cabernet Sauvignon

Price: $20.00

Recommended Pairing: Dark chocolate

Winery: Michael David

Location: Lodi, CA

Acquired: Gift

Kara’s Scorecard

Appearance:  -Brilliant with a characteristic color.

  • Comments: Remarkably dark, opaque, black

Aroma:  4 -Good characteristic aroma. Admirable bouquet. 

  • Comments: Fruity, earthy, cherry

Taste:  6 -Wonderful characteristic flavor. Outstanding balance. Smooth, full-bodied.

  • Comments: Very smooth and balanced

Aftertaste:  – Good pleasant aftertaste.

  • Comments: None.

Overall Impression: 2– Excellent.

  • Comments: Above average.

Total Score:  17 – Excellent.

  • Comments:  Easier, oakier cab. Taste, body, and appearance make this wine outstanding. P.s. Ross (the bf) loves this and offers his seal of approval. The artwork on this makes it distinct, and a keepsake.

To find out more about Michael David Winery, and try them for yourself, visit their website here.

To have your wine featured on this blog, write to me here. 🙂 

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