Von Stiehl: Satin Red

General Information

Wine:  Satin Red


Grape Content: Undisclosed/ Guess: Frontenac

Price: $13.00

Recommended Pairing: Hard cheese/ fruit

Winery:  Von Stiehl

Location: Algoma, WI

Acquired: Gift

Kara’s Scorecard

Appearance:  2- Good, clear with the characteristic color.

  • Comments: Dark purple, opaque.

Aroma:  -Good characteristic aroma. Admirable bouquet. 

  • Comments:

Taste:  5 -Strong characteristic flavor. Excellent balance and body but not outstanding.

  • Comments: Jammy, fruity, plum

Aftertaste:   Lingering outstanding aftertaste.

  • Comments: Lingering.

Overall Impression: 2– Excellent.

  • Comments: Very transitional, slightly sweet on the finish. Nice balance.

Total Score:  15- Excellent.

  • Comments:  Wish grape variety/blend content was disclosed on label or website.  Although their website recommends this semi-dry red to pair with spaghetti and meat, I find it to be too sweet of a wine and suggest it be a sipper with cheese or dessert.

To find out more about Von Stiehl Winery, and try their wines for yourself, visit their website here.

To have your wine featured on this blog, write to me here. 🙂 

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