5 Most Common Wine Rookie Tells

Make any of these five mistakes and the secret is out, you’re a clueless Wine Rookie! Oh no! Never fear, every seasoned wine drinker has probably made these same mistakes at least once.

1) You’re holding your glass wrong.

This is the most telling indicator that you know nothing about wine. So how do you hold your glass correctly? It is actually a no brainer: by the stem. If the glass has no stem, find one that does, immediately.

2. You use ice cubes to chill your wine.

For the love of all winemakers, vineyard keepers, and sommeliers never put ice cubes in your wine. Here’s a reminder, ice cubes are frozen water. Frozen water melts.

3. You store your wine upright or in the fridge unopened.

You might as well throw your money away. Your wine is as good as gross. If your bottle has a cork in it, store the bottle on its side. Fridges are too humid to store wine in long term- so do not put them in there! Also, remember wine has the personality of a vampire, it hates the sun and temperature rollercoasters.

4. You order a glass at a restaurant or bar.

Now a glass of wine with a meal or on its own is great concept. However, you’re taking a huge risk by ordering wine by the glass outside of your home. How? Because you have no idea how long that bottle has been open, and you may get a glass of already gone bad wine. If you can’t physically see where they are storing their wine or how, you’re gambling. Another reason why this is a bad idea, the cost. Some restaurants charge $7-12 for one glass of wine and, well, they probably paid that amount for the whole bottle.

5. You purchase bottles of wine at a wine bar.

While this seems like a harmless idea, it’s not economical for you. If you are in any way intoxicated when making your purchasing decision you’re apt to spend more than you intended or even worse, purchase something you really don’t like!

Wine bars are amazing places but their goal is to make money too. Beware of attendants that pour unlimited extra samples, pour way too much, and up-sell you extra bottles! Always have a designated driver who is also the one holding the money.

If you fall in love with a wine you discover at a wine bar (which is why wine bars exist), document it. Then price check. You may find it at a gas station for $10 less!

Learning about wine and drinking it is such a pleasure. Make sure that you always take the time to sip and actually taste wine samples. Ask lots of questions and any knowledgeable professional will be (hopefully ) more than willing to answer and aid you. No matter how much or little you know, being a snob is not attractive. Tip your servers. Be patient during peak hours. And most of all, remember wine is meant to be enjoyed.

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