The Black Magic Talking Wine Label

pexels-photo-121191.jpegMy boyfriend, who is a continuous source of intelligence and humor, is the inspiration behind this post. When I’m having a particularly bad day, or in this case week due to being female or what other nonsense, he brings me a bottle of wine and chocolate. (Take notes dudes. )

Now, this is a pretty fabulous thing in itself, but he’s got another trick up his sleeve! The bottle is 19 Crimes, which has the capacity to TALK TO YOU.

No, I don’t mean, you consume the entire bottle and then hallucinate. It’s technology (the correct term is augmented reality. ) How this works, I’m not entirely sure of, a little bit of image recognition, masking, and filmmaking?


Hand Phone Bottle 01

photo credit:

You merely download an app, point your smartphone camera at the wine label and TADA the animation brings the label to life. With 19 crimes, the face comes to life and gives a short monologue structured by theatrical pauses. It’s incredible.

There are a few other brands with this capacity and one can only hope that others will invest in growing their brand this way. It brings about a certain collectibility to the bottle for the consumer that is unique and compelling.

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