Tips for Tips

People do not tip. Is it because people are cheap? Ignorant? Can’t do math? Or do they believe that the people serving them are below them, or are not worthy of a tip?

In the United States, it is suggested that you tip your servers 20% of your bill.

Servers are often responsible for assisting you, food and beverage handling, cashiering and knowing the menu/product. They juggle multiple clients at once, all at different stages of purchase and are expected to have a courteous attitude accompanied by a smile on their face. Serving positions are demanding, not just because customers are demanding, but also physically and mentally. Often on their feet for the entire shift, servers may also not have the opportunity to run to the loo during a rush. Servers in the USA may also not have employer provided benefits.

Does the extra cash matter? Yes.

First, as a customer, you have no idea how much your server is getting paid hourly. It could be $2.

Second, you have no idea who their boss is and what their boss is like.

In the past, I was allowed to collect tips, but there was no tip jar or sign indicating that a customer may tip. My ex-boss said, “Having a tip jar is not classy.”

Third, you know other people don’t tip OR tip enough.

Four, you don’t want the person that is handling your food/beverage to hate you.

They could poison you if they really wanted.

Five, if you ever intend to return to this place, you want great service and by someone who remembers you positively!

I believe that there is a great opportunity in our education system and in our families to place our children in server positions.

They will learn valuable skills such as multi-tasking, focus, retention, food safety, food preparation, cash handling, and most importantly how to be nice to people. Even be nice to people who are rude to them.

They will also learn a very valuable life lesson early, people do not tip. So when your kids grow up, they’ll know how important it is to tip. Not just because it’s a small way of saying “I appreciate you” but that extra dollar, that tip, may go to fund your server’s education,  feeding their children, their medical costs, filling up their gas tank or towards rent.





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