Entwine: Cabernet

General Information Wine: Cabernet Sauvignon Vintage: 2013 Grape Content: Cabernet Sauvignon/ Undisclosed Price: $12.99 Recommended Pairing: See menu pairing on website below. Winery: Wente Vineyards Location: Livermore, CA Acquired: Gift Kara's Scorecard Appearance:  3 -Brilliant with characteristic colour. Comments: Dark, Purple, Heavy Aroma:  5 -Excellent, strong characteristic aroma. Complex bouquet. Good balance. Comments: Woodsy, jammy, cherry + raspberry Taste:  5  -Strong characteristic flavor. … Continue reading Entwine: Cabernet

The Next Winery

I have accepted a position at another local winery after receiving news that my current winery residency will be ending at the end of the month. My current coworkers and I have known about the retail closing since December but we did not have a definitive date. In the previous months, I have experienced a … Continue reading The Next Winery